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Herbal Nutritional Therapy

Herbal medicine has a long history in the Orient. The first Chinese Herbal Classic, was completed in the latter part of the 5th century BC.

After diagnosing a pattern of disharmony and administering acupuncture treatments, a doctor of TCM often writes a formula from over a thousand common herbs or from more effective traditional formulas. Herbal formulas are prescribed to a patient based on ones constitution, environment and medical condition.

Traditionally, these formulas were raw and dried herbs served as boiled teas or ‘decoctions’. Here in the USA, classic herbal formulas are most often dispensed in pill, capsule or powder form, manufactured under strict regulations here in the USA and are available only under the care of a licensed practitioner.

Medicinal herbal therapy works in concert with acupuncture by providing the nourishing support for the energetic “re-programming” and “re-balancing” efforts of acupuncture.

What Conditions Can Herbal Medicines Treat?

Herbal medicine has been used for centuries to treat nearly every type of illness. While not limited to internal conditions, herbs are valuable for the treatment of conditions with strong internal components as opposed to physical or structural complaints which may be better treated with acupuncture and or bodywork. Conditions related to the immune system, gynecological conditions, digestive problems, allergies and respiratory problems are among the issues commonly treated with herbal medicine.

Herbal Medicine

What Will My First Herbal Treatment Be Like?

The practitioner will perform a comprehensive intake which will look at your health history and current issues in depth as well as a variety of signs and symptoms before forming a diagnosis and choosing an appropriate herbal treatment.

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