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Nutritional Phone Consults Details

Prices for an Individual
- Initial consultation
  30 minutes @ $55.00

- Follow up (in 5-7 days)

  15 minutes @ $25.00

What You Will Receive:

*** A Detailed Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis

*** Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Medicine Recommendation

*** Additional Functional Supplements as Needed

*** Thorough Evaluation of Current Supplements & Medications 

*** Dietary Recommendations According to Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory

       *** How to Eat for Your Ailment (Do's and Don'ts)

*** May include recipes or sources

*** Access to Personalized Protocol from Online Pharmacy (at a 10% Discount)

Payment due in full right before scheduled appointment. 

Prices for Family Consult Package - For Families of three people minimum

Family initial consultation

30 minutes @ $50.00 each person

- Follow up (in 5-7 days)

15 minutes @ $20.00 each person

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