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“As a Chinese Medicine Practitioner Andra is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She has the ability to really listen to what is happening to your body and get to the root of the problem. Andra can also provide nutritional consultations, which is an added benefit and key component in becoming more healthy from the inside and out. I’d recommend her to anyone who is considering acupuncture—for both physical and mental ailments.”

– Christie Hu

“Andra is a caring health care provider. Her treatments have helped me spend hours on my feet ushering at various venues around town without pain. Treatments on my hands have improved the arthritis pain and made grasping objects. Please refuse to allow fear to keep you from taking advantage of what Andra has to offer you. You will be pleasantly surprised.”
– Margie Harris

“Andra is awesome at healing the physical and spiritual ailments that affect us all. I would strongly recommend her services.”
– William Bachino

“Andra knows her craft. She has treated me multiple times to keep me healthy, happy and pain free. I felt significantly better after just one visit and continue treatments to maintain.”
– Angela Bertero

“As a former healthcare professional having a deep understanding and appreciation for western medicine, I was initially skeptical of the practice of acupuncture. After speaking with Andra at length, her understanding of human anatomy, physiological processes and the mechanisms at work in acupuncture put my uncertainty to rest. I’ve now had several sessions with her and feel physically and mentally better than ever. Andra is knowledgeable and professional yet gentle and reassuring. She truly handles her patients on a case-by-case basis, and I’ve never been listened to so closely and had my needs addresses more thoroughly. Andra excels at what she does, and I wouldn’t have the slightest hesitation recommending her to anybody.”
– JP Geygan

“Andra Millian is a rock star in the healing realm of Texas. Her acupuncture talents are many. I’ve recommended her to so many people who loved her healing methods, too. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to heal with a non-Western path.”
– Lance Avery Morgan

“Passion, intellect, creativity, curiosity and playfulness burn bright in Andra Millian, whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for over three decades – and her flame remains undiminished. What sets Andra’s work apart transcends her training: it is Andra’s very nature that heals, helps and inspires. She listens deeply, applies her keen intuition, and brings compassion to every situation – in her work and her life.”
– Melinda Mallari Swan

“Andra Millian has got to be the best acupuncturist and Chinese herbal Doctor in Austin. I have been to her for several treatments for both a lower back problem, and digestive one, and she got me back to normal in the minimum of time. She takes the time to get an extensive background and lifestyle profile on you in order to treat you optimally. If you have never tried acupuncture before, definitely see Andra Millian with Austin Onsite Acupuncture. If you already believe in acupuncture, see Andra for your next treatment and feel the difference between her and all the rest. She’s simply the best.”
– Russell Donaldson

“My experience with Andra Millian is one of confidence. Besides being well skilled in Acupuncture she has a wonderful bedside manner. After a session with Dr. Millian I come out of it with peace and a sense of well being. I just completed a seasonal cleanse with her. My skin looks better and I have more energy. She took the time to call to see how I was doing on the cleanse and was there if I had any complications of which I have none. I highly recommend Andra Millian.”
– Barabar Burian


“As a massage therapist, I trusted Andra with my only son. She customized his treatment and necessary herbs. She was able to recommend specialty things that we had not previously known about and were able to take immediate action. I myself have experienced her expertise and quality treatment. I highly recommend Austin Onsite Acupuncture.”
– Tanya Procer, LMT and Owner of Exquisite Day Spa Delivered

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